A Detective's Guide To The Obama Story

Hey you,  Mr. and Mrs. AMERICA, Did you know???………….It is your time to take some personal responsibility for the abject mess we all find ourselves in. If you wish to let things go on as they are, and eventually live under a Marxist regime of tyrants who wish to turn the “middle class” into a money engine, in order to keep the rich, richer, and then we pick up the tab for the rest of society who don’t want to work or play their part, after all, someone has to pay for these poor dear souls, don’t WE!

Their eventual, and not so distant aim is a One-world Government, no doubt with a dictator at its head, probably Bari!. Islam will be the religion/cult and Sharia the law. If you don’t yet know what that it I strongly suggest you learn, very quickly, how to Google subjects and learn all about them. Of Course, Google leans heavily left so you will learn what they want you to learn. Oh, and don’t bother with the press, it has long gone and is already controlled. Media is the same, even Fox, probably the best there is right now, has quite a lot of proven bias and is primarily owned by a Saudi Prince for good measure.

Congress is afraid of their own shadow and their effectiveness is minimal. Probably because it is too late, do you realize that as many as 70% of YOU GOVERNMENT are Marxists or “sleepers” They are afraid of their own greed being  exposed and their corruption and “graft” becoming known. Unfortunately for them, they are almost certainly the first to ‘disappear’ in strange accidents, or go up against the wall! (blindfolds optional), or kneel over the pit!

Lest you wonder, YOU, the American Public, who have lived in blissful ignorance for many years, who do know, or do not want to know the name of the Vice President, Yes, you who voted for an Islamo/Marxist, Socialist, Anti-Colonial Jihadist for president, you, who cannot name their Congressman, or Senators, let alone how to get a hold of them, and you, who go to vote (if ever) for the man with the nicest smile!~ YOU Have been totally FOOLED over the past  Forty years or so! Totally, absolutely and completely taken for a ride. Sold the biggest bill of goods, EVER..   Oh, yes! OK Laugh, It is funny is it not, but have you noticed it gets a little less funny each day!

A few hundred of us, who have been derided, mocked, called Zealots and Birthers etc etc., have remained grounded and carefully followed events.

Personally, I was introduced to all of this in the late sixties, as a Detective, and it has been my “job” ever since, to trace the progression of certain entities, and they have progressed much faster than even they expected, they got very lucky with the Evil Islamic partnership, and , of course they never thought for a moment that you, The Great American Public,  would be so Gullible, Stupid and accepting of adversity and loss of freedom, and, Oh!, SO passive!.

Had you noticed?, the Europeans are in a far worse state,  but they don’t know it, yet, Or won’t admit it, but they will, unfortunately. It is so sad.

OK! WHAT CAN I DO?”  You ask, (at long last!)

Probably nothing. I am afraid that it is too late. You see, the Great United States Of America has been taken over while you were sleeping for the past forty years!

You have a man that calls himself president running this country; YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW HIS NAME!

Trust me – You Don’t

It is all false, a story, a con….

Take a magnifier and look at his “Family photographs” You will see a LOT of bad photoshop, layering, people with three hands, walls that change stonework suddenly, there is even white people with black hands!

I could go on for hours, but it is pointless, probably a waste of time.

I mean, why would you spend, I think it is over forty MILLION dollars now to CONCEAL your past from your OWN people?   — Seriously, WHY???

And on it goes, Day after Day, Lie after Lie, revelation after revelation. I really wish I could give some sound advice, but, there is none to give. The Courts are corrupt, Where is the CIA, FBI and all the rest?,   ~ he owns them!.

It may be too late but I would see a glimmer of hope in the Convention of States, the only way left to re-align this mess, and then, only maybe!~  see:  Convention Of States Action [markmeckler@cosaction.com]   GO THERE, PLEASE!




Commentary By:

Dwight Kehoe

Editor TPATH
March 4, 2015 ~TPATH~ Several years ago Mark Levin, tagged by Hannity as The Great One, was offered and then accepted a full time gig doing a “conservative” talk show on the ABC radio network and affiliates.  He began that job not as the Great One, but as the Great Enabler.  He may have been told that it was not in his best interest nor the best interest of the network to discuss the eligibility of Barack Islam Obama relating to Article II or any aspect of his credentials which might actually prevent an illegal presidency.

Can we prove that he was given this conditional requirement?   No, but there are numerous instances from many ex-employees of the national radio and TV networks who have denied that order was ever given to them, until that is, they no longer worked for them.  These personalities fervently  refused to admit this ever happens.  One quite famous individual who also denied this fact while working for FOX has now admitted that he was prevented from speaking of several issues.

Even though this gentleman has not admitted that the “off limit subject” related to Obama, coincidentally enough this guy finds himself in the same sinking ship of fools as the Great Enabler. Both are now struggling to keep their integrity afloat, frantically bailing the birther issue and the messengers of it, overboard.

As the evidence against Obama becomes more pronounced, so too does the boiling anger of the Great Enabler which he directs at those who have been warning this country about Obama from the very beginning.  Those who have refused to be cowed, refused to forsake the Constitution and the rule of law have now become a bigger enemy to Mark Levin, than the illegal usurper.

We can be fair and suppose that when Levin agreed to ignore these issues, if he indeed did agree, that early on he was too busy impressing Hannity with his greatness to have had the time to look into the reality of the Obama saga.  Then, after having adopted and implemented such a nasty stance, it would have taken a true Great One to admit he was wrong.  But alas, the Great Enabler prevailed.

He understands now that his early acquiescence and his subsequent denial and cover up will implicate him, the self proclaimed constitutional scholar, as one of many selfish actors who have aided and abetted the destruction of our country.  He smothers his personal guilt under the cover of belittlement of those who know he has failed us.

Once again this past week, after exiling a patriot form the call in phone line, the Great Enabler said this:
You have to call this show about the birth certificate? Oh that’s been really effective. It has failed in every court. The birth certificate…with all the problems we have with this President, that’s all you have? “

That statement is of course as ignorant and deceptive as any Obama could have uttered.  Actually however, it was not a statement, but a series of questions.  He offered them rhetorically and with his typical sarcasm.  They must have been rhetorical because he hung up on the patriot before he could answer.

So, Mr. Levin, we would like to take a minute and answer them and as with many questions like that, yours have elicited several questions of their own.  No one will hang up on you before you can answer them.  It will take courage to honestly answer, so we hope you don’t mind if we don’t hold our breath while waiting.

First we answer your questions:
Q – “You have to call this show about the birth certificate?
A – Are you not the supposed Constitutional expert?  Who should I have called, Eric Holder?

Q – “That’s really been effective?”
A –  No it has not been effective because everyone in this country who could have made a difference and made it effective, put their careers ahead of the future of  America.

Q- “With all the problems we have with this (President/ Usurper), that’s all you have?
A – Real world to the Great Enabler,  if you and your ilk had of done your job, worked with the Birther Patriots, all of the problems this country has now, would never have been.  Barack Islam Obama would be back with his communist  gangster comrades in Chicago and not in Washington DC endangering the entire world.

Now a few questions of our own:
1.  Are you not aware that the Founding Fathers, after much discussion and communication between George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and John Jay, amended Article II to include the  “Natural Born Citizen” requirement?
2.  Have you not read any of the Federalist Papers and other writings where they stated many times that legal terms they use were based upon  Vattell’s work, The Law of Nations?
3.  Did you never take the time to find out that, according to the Founders, Obama would not qualify as a Natural Born Citizen, regardless of where you “think” he was born?
4.  Did you ever consider looking at all those court cases you claim have been adjudicated in favor of Obama?  Did you not see that none of them ruled or affirmed Obama’s eligibility on fact, but supposition by the judges?
5.  Did you notice that all the cases otherwise ruled, that those bringing the case had no standing?  No standing is the answer all progressive judges use when they can’t produce evidence to support a decision they have been ordered to make.  No standing now  describes your standing with real constitutional conservatives.
6.  Did you happen to notice that there are errors on Obama’s birth certificate which can only be explained by it being a forgery?  The  youngsters who dominate the “basement underwear brigade”*, those who did the forging, made errors in terms and words which are common today, but never used back in 1961.
7. Did you happen to note when you reviewed Obama’s Birth Certificate that it states the name of the hospital as it is called today, even though it went by another name in 1961?
8. If you were running for President and needed to show a birth certificate, would you have one forged, which could possibly send you and the forgers to prison, if you had a real one?

There are Mr. Levin, many, many more questions we could ask you.  As with these, the answers will not sit well with the image of  The Great One.

Finally, if you are a Constitutional Scholar, then you are also a coward.  It’s impossible, with your record, to be one and not the other.


* This phrase was not coined by TPATH.  Sure wish it was.


OK, We must get this momentum going , get on HIS case, MAKE your Congress and Senate Listen to YOU.

I Used some of other people’s letters to put this one together, USE it!, CHANGE it, whatever, but SAY SOMETHING.

SILENCE will NOT do.

Mr Knight,
You were not elected to be a “yes” man to anyone.  We HAVE to defeat the lawless efforts of the Fraudulent president.  Giving in to pressure will not work and we shall have a Tyrant for ever. The man is not eligible to even BE there and you guys have done NOTHING to investigate or remove him.  I HAVE, YOU should HAVE.
But for now the House should:
1. pressure Senate Republicans to give McConnell 2 choices: either change the voting rule for appropriation bills from 60 to 51 the same way Harry Reid changed it for nominations, or Senate Republicans will vote to replace McConnell with someone who will stand for the rule of law and the Constitution, such as Senator Jeff Sessions. There has to be a joint meeting of the Republican conference with majority telling McConnell to change the voting rule to 51 or be kicked out from the leadership position.
2. House Republicans should follow the Hastert rule and not put to a vote anything that does not ban Obama amnesty.
3. you and other Republicans need to hit the airways and do interviews in explaining to the public that there is no threat to national security, it is a total lie. 90% of DHS employees are considered essential and will stay on the job. You can pass a bill funding salaries of essential employees, so they are paid while the issue is being resolved. The only ones who will be furloughed, are the employees who would be giving out work permits to millions of illegals. This nation would be better off with these 10% of employees staying home until Obama leaves the office than passing a “clean” bill which would legalize millions of illegal aliens and completely bankrupt the economy and dissipate wages of American citizens.
We all know that a court order may be reversed. When Obamacare passed, just as now, 27 states sued Obama. District Judge in FL and the Court of Appeals ruled in favor of the states, but 5 globalists on the Supreme Court, including John Roberts, reversed this decision. For this reason we cannot rely on the courts only, we need you, the members of the Congress, to do your job and use the power of the purse to stop Obama’s lawless amnesty, aka grand theft of millions of American jobs and billions of our tax payer dollars which would go to pay Social Security, unemployment and other benefits to millions of illegals.
If you are not willing to stand up to Obama and use your power of the purse, than you all need to go home. Why do we even need to pay salaries of the members of Congress and all of their staff, if members of Congress do nothing of substance, do not provide any checks and balances to a lawless president.
Simi Valley, CA


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